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Rutherford Portable Dance Floor

Rutherford Portable Dance Floor Click For A Larger Picture
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Rutherford Portable Dance Floor

Product Description
A portable dance floor created to provide SAFETY and SOUND. This is a lightweight and portable genuine dance floor in the shape of a circle. Ingeniously covered in typical dance studio flooring, called “Marley”. It creates your own private mobile dance studio anytime or anyplace! A leading reason why dancers get injured is practicing or warming up on the wrong surface. Now with the Rutherford Portable Dance Floor you can have a SAFE surface to dance on anyplace! This is a SAFE platform to dance on and:
  • Front surface meticulously hand crafted in the U.S.A. with genuine “Marley” Dance Flooring
  • Round shape helping a dancer keep “their center”
  • Flat surface increasing safety with no holes, ridges or breaks
  • Designed a low <3/8 inch off the ground with a tapered edge for safety with “traveling feet”
  • Slip resistant back covering the entire surface to the corners of the tapered edge for safety
  • Innovative design creates a underside with NO visible staples that could damage the surface it was used on or could damage the users delicate wardrobe
  • Lightweight, Portable, and Easy to Store.
Irish Dancers love the Rutherford Portable Dance Floor.
  • Lightweight portable dance floor features the loudest crisp sound with a genuine professional Marley
  • Round design making it easy to travel with and store
  • Non-slip backing to keep the board in place and protect whatever surface it is used on
Unit Price $ 160

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Rutherford Portable Dance Floor

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