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Dean Crouch: The Best That I Can Be

Dean Crouch: The Best That I Can Be Click For A Larger Picture
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Dean Crouch: The Best That I Can Be

Product Description
A Message from Dean:

"I had a dream to win the Worlds! With determination and a lot of practice I succeeded with this! I believe that good music helps a dancer to perform well. I am now fulfilling my new dream, to be just as good a musician. To be the best that I can be. When you dance to my music, I want you to feel the inspiration and the tune, use my music to perform the best that you possibly can. Remember, we both have goals to achieve, mine to be a great musician and yours to be a great dancer. Together it can be "our dream". Listen to the music and dance the dream while I play!"

Heavy Jig Hornpipe Light Jig Reel Slip Jig Single Jig Showcase

  • Initial release by Dean
Unit Price $ 15

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