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Tip + Heel Replacement

Rutherford Products is proud to offer Heel and Tip Replacements. These are the same top-of-the-line heels and tips that come with our new hard shoes (all models except the Innisfree). Read the description for each of our services offered below. When you are ready to send in your shoes, go to the Contact Us page and mail your shoes to the address listed with a check made payable to "Rutherford Products" (please include the proper Shipping and Handling), or Contact one of the ladies in the front office to help step you through the process. Please remove any laces/accessory buckles/ductape prior to shipping. New York State residents, remember to add 8.0% tax to the listed price. There's really not much to it except you send in the shoes, we do the replacement and then send the like-new shoes back to you. Our replacement services can and do add years to the lifetime of a pair of shoes. We do replacements on non-Rutherford shoes as well, but please note that we do not retip FeisFayre, Halmor, or Ryan & O’Donnell shoes as our molds do not fit on these styles.
Sound-Blaster Tips
Sound-Blaster Sand Glass Tips include a specially formulated micro-sand mixture which has earned the nickname "sound-blaster". This tip is without question, the loudest tip available anywhere. For sheer sound, there is no louder.

Fill out all information on the order form and mail it in with the shoes. Please include the proper Shipping and Handling.


Soundblaster Heels
Total solid fiberglass construction with a straight down inside appearance. Even the beginner hard shoe dancer can enjoy the "click" made from these heels. Don't settle for a tapered inward heel making it almost impossible to click when you can have the straight down egde which makes it significantly easier to nail those clicks. And, as with all Rutherford Products merchandise, they are fully sanctioned for all competitive and non-competitive dancing by all governing bodies overseeing Irish Dancing. The magnificent sound cannot be duplicated. It is virtually impossible for a Soundblaster Heel to fall off a shoe. They are quite literally bolted on in triplicate. They are truly the most predominant, loudest click known to any dancer, teacher, or adjudicator. The Soundblaster heel is worn by almost all the champions today, and that's no accident.

Fill out all information on the order form and mail it in with the shoes. Include proper Shipping and Handling


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